Urethane Rods

Urethane Rods
Urethane Rods Diagram of Urethane Rods

SPEC®Urethane Full Length Rods are supplied in 12” lengths. Please note that in compression, urethane part's outer walls will bulge. Operating temperatures are -17.8 Degrees C through 93.3 Degrees C (-60 Degrees F through 200 Degrees F). Parts may be bonded to mating materials. For terminology help, please see our FAQ. For additional shapes, sizes, and complete assemblies, consider our Engineered Solution Services.

The following durometers are offered:

  • 95A / Amber (Yellow)
  • 90A / Red
  • 80A / Green
  • 70A / Blue
  • 60A / Natural (Clear Yellow)
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