m-Struts®, self-centering type (Mechanically Powered Struts), provide loading to return to a neutral center position from both directions, something not available with gas strut technology. Like other m-Struts® these have no seals to fail or gas & oil to leak. These struts offer robust performance in extreme temperature (hot & cold) as well as caustic chemicals (gas & liquid). End fittings are not installed on m-Struts so be sure to select a matching end fitting, threads are as indicated in the data table. Material construction is as indicated in the data table. Steel external construction models have Nitride protection and are completely black in appearance. Stainless steel models have a plain finish and offer greater corrosion protection. For help with technical terms, see our FAQ. If you have an OEM or aftermarket application for a Mechanical Strut or other complete functional sub-assembly see our custom engineered & manufactured solutions.

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