Round Wire

SPEC® Round Wire Compression Springs, are reliable, inexpensive, and efficient. This attribute combination is typically ideal for general purpose applications. Catalog parts are offered in a variety of materials. For higher loads in the same footprint consider SPEC® Heavy Duty compression springs or Raymond® Die Springs. Should you need a part or functional assembly with a different finish or specification you may consider our engineered solution services. If you need production quantity pricing for your OEM or aftermarket application please contact Associated Spring RAYMOND or request a quote. Additional terminology help is availbel in our FAQ. Spring rates are +/- 10%, parts should not be compressed beyond L1 for normal service, service temperatures are as follows.

  • Music Wire or Piano Wire (applications up to 121 degrees C / 250 degrees F)
  • Stainless Steel (applications up to 260 degrees C / 500 degrees F)
  • 316SS (applications up to 300 degrees C / 570 degrees F)
  • Inconel® X750 (High Temperatures, Contact Engineering)
Registered Trademarks are properties of their respective owners; Associated Spring RAYMOND makes no claim of ownership to material trademarks listed above.

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