Refrigerated Divider Panel

refrigerated partition

Interior partition doors are a standard in refrigerated trailers. Movement of these partitions allows for adjustment in the refrigerated compartment size to help reduce operational costs. Gas struts have been the traditional solution for lift assist of doors within refrigerated / cold storage transportation applications. Due to limitations in operating temperatures, the resulting loss of force and the potential for seal failure, the gas strut is an ineffective solution. These issues lead to increased maintenance levels and associated increases in costs.


m-Struts® provide superior temperature resistance and have little to no performance degradation at the extremes of the operating range, making it an ideal solution in cold environments and environments with large temperature variation. The high corrosion resistance, absence of seals, and low maintenance allows m-Struts® to be left for long periods of time without risk of failure. In short, m-Struts® ‘fit and forget’ solution performs when you need it to.

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