Packaging & Warehousing

large warehouse of productsAssociated Spring RAYMOND stocks, packages, and provides JIT shipments on both standard parts and custom solutions. We maintain lot control throughout our processes right through shipping. If you need dedicated stocking of either a standard part to ensure production flow or a custom solution, we offer this to customers.


Some Warehousing Options are:

  • Dedicated Stock (custom parts and/or standard parts)
  • JIT Shipments (just in time)
  • Kanban systems
  • End Customer Drop Shipments

package & warehouse managementWhile Associated Spring RAYMOND does not offer VMI (vendor managed inventory), we have distribution partners that fulfill these needs. You may contact us for a list of partners in the local area.  

Packaging Possibilities include the following:

  • POS Quantities (Point of Sale)
  • Kitting
  • Bar Coding
  • Customer Part Numbering

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