Oil & Gas

Oil valvesAssociated Spring RAYMOND supplies flat springs and compression springs, small and large, to the Oil & Gas markets. For the smallest valve, our standard springs offer potential solutions, but we also supply specialty designs, materials, and coatings to customers on a daily basis.

Heavy Duty Components for Large Applications

For larger applications, Associated Spring RAYMOND offers hot wound springs and forged disc springs (or Belleville springs) in some of the largest sizes available. Down-hole, drilling, & hydraulic fracturing (fracking) applications utilize all types of SPEC® geometries and materials, as well as custom solutions where necessary, and our engineers help to get it right for your application.

Improved Valve Flow Area

pressure valve

Our Clover®Dome series of parts allows for either increased deflection or smaller packaging in valves all while providing better flow area because of the cut-out geometry on the ID & OD of the part. The flow area is increased dramatically because of the cut-out area when you compare with belleville spring or disc spring and only having the slop fit on ID or OD for flow area.

Our product & technology breadth allows our engineers to offer all types of solutions that are not available elsewhere. To learn more about our capabilities, see our Services section.  

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