Music Wire Compression Springs

SPEC® Music Wire Compression Springs
Associated Spring RAYMOND manufactures SPEC® stock compression springs which are reliable, inexpensive and efficient. These compression springs are ideal for general purpose applications.

Our stock compression springs are offered in a variety of materials, including music wire. Music wire, also known as piano wire or spring wire, is a high-carbon steel alloy famous for its high tensile strength and high elastic limit. Music wire derived its name from one of its most popular applications, piano strings. However, this versatile steel alloy has many different high-stress applications.

Benefits of Music Wire Compression Springs
Music wire is a frequently used material for compression springs because it can bear repeated heavy loads while maintaining its shape and elasticity. There are many benefits associated with music wire, including:

  • High tensile strength
  • High elasticity
  • Affordability
  • Availability
  • Easily worked

Limitations of Music Wire Compression Springs
Although there are many benefits of choosing music wire compression springs, this material does have its disadvantages. Music wire compression springs should not be used in extreme temperatures, and they can give way under shock loads. Our team of specialists can help you decide if music wire compression springs are the right choice for your application.

Types of Music Wire Material

  • ASTM-A228 or AMS-5112
  • DIN-17223 or EN-10270-1 or JIS-3522 SWP-A/B or AMS-5112

Music Wire Compression Spring Products
Our inventory of music wire compression springs is listed below.

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