Gas Struts, Springs, and Components for the Marine Industry

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Associated Spring RAYMOND supplies boat builders and marine equipment manufacturers. Our stainless steel offering (including 316SS) and coated steel products are employed in countless marine applications.

Marine Applications

Associated Spring RAYMOND understands the needs of independent boat builders and the marine industry’s unique production challenges. Our parts meet quality and corrosion resistance standards, so boaters enjoy more time on the water and less time buying or researching replacement parts.

As an end-to-end strut supplier to boat builders, Associated Spring RAYMOND has extensive expertise providing boat components including gas struts with corrosion resistance and brackets in addition to our patented Mechanical Struts (m-Struts®).

Associated Spring RAYMOND partners with leading boat builders and marine groups to reduce lead times and dedicate stock to meet builders’ high-volume production demands.

Marine Industry Products

When fitting products into a boat or yacht one must consider moisture exposure and variable temperature conditions to ensure the product will perform accurately throughout the life of the boat.

In the event older boat parts need replaced, we work with distributors to supply consumers replacement parts. 


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A Complete Product Offering

As a perfect example of Associated Spring RAYMOND services beyond parts, for higher volume production boats complete assortments for a specific boat model including the gas springs and mounting brackets can be supplied together greatly simplifying material flow at your production facility.

While Associated Spring RAYMOND offers standard products that suit most applications, our customers utilize engineering services for custom solutions, whether it be an improved finish or a completely new design. Specialty struts are regularly designed, manufactured, and stocked for OEM partners.

Product Features 

  • Nitride or 316 stainless steel constructions
  • Tested to meet the highest standard in cycle-life and durability
  • Salt spray 144-hour nitride and 500-hour stainless steel certified
  • Finishing processes available for improved corrosion resistance


Gas Struts and n-Struts® with Corrosion Resistance 

n-Struts® are nitrogen gas struts (or gas springs) engineered by Associated Spring RAYMOND to deliver optimal performance in aquatic environments and applications for the marine industry, including lids, access panels, lift assists and counterbalances. Gas struts can be used in marine applications such as live wells, bait wells, (fishing) rod lockers, and storage lockers.

Standard n-Struts® are available in black nitride and 316 stainless steel, with a high-quality finish making them resistant to corrosion. Our gas struts are tested to the highest standards in cycle-life and durability making them ideal for freshwater and saltwater marine applications. In addition to our standard line of gas struts, we offer a variety of secondary processes including polishing to improve surface finish and meet the aesthetic and corrosion resistance requirements of your application.

With one of the largest portfolios of gas struts in the industry, engineers and product buyers may have difficulty filtering through the robust product offering to match the right gas strut to the boat's application. To make the configuration process easier, Associated Spring RAYMOND recently launched the Counterbalance Configurator Tool. The free and easy-to-use tool is specifically made to identify the handle load curve specific to each weight and counterbalance. No calculations are necessary.

Mechanical Struts also known as m-Struts® 

Associated Spring RAYMOND offers a complete line of mechanical compression springs and m-Struts®. m-Struts® are ideal for submerged applications and perform extremely well for applications with exceptionally heavy loads. Within the strut, there is no gas to leak so the m-strut often exceeds longevity standards. As a premium product, the cost reflects the heavy-duty counterbalance requirements and durability demands.

Where the application is set to operate in a harsher environment such as an engine hatch, our m-Struts®, manufactured in appropriate grades of stainless steel, are the ideal choice and offer unmatched performance. With its low maintenance, resistance to corrosion and low risk of contamination to meet environmental regulations, the m-Strut® is the ideal solution for boat builders. Add to this the smooth, linear assist in lifting heavy access covers and hatches, the m-Strut® allows a single user to easily lift/lower and access areas with confidence.

Strut Hardware 

In addition to gas struts and m-Struts®, Associated Spring RAYMOND has extensive experience with marine-grade hardware for boat interiors and exteriors. For boat hatches and hatch lids, our pre-engineered components include gas spring mounting brackets.

For most gas struts, plastic end fittings are standard, but boat builders have the option to upgrade to a metal end fitting or even stainless steel. The end fitting material options include: 316 stainless steel, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, composite, or zinc alloy.

With stainless steel and special corrosion-resistant coating options, these catalog parts are great for freshwater and saltwater environments.


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Custom Capabilities for Boat Builders

Expedite the prototyping process and get boats into production faster with pre-engineered parts. For short orders and sampling, visit the product section to order parts online to test and prototype new products. Filter products and order parts from our website 24/7, 365 days per year.


Quality, Reliability, & Performance are a part of what Associated Spring RAYMOND was built on and stands for. Our long-standing industry reputation and brands are built upon a foundation of Quality.

Quality is the #1 priority at Associated Spring RAYMOND, and our quality policy & systems are structured such that it is. Our third-party certifications are kept up to date with regular audits from them and our customers. Our facilities are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO9001, depending on the market served. We strive to continuously improve quality through process and product.

For a full Quality system description, see our Quality page.


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