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Associated Spring RAYMOND’s facilities are centers of quality and excellence. Our capabilities go far beyond our standard catalog parts.  We supply custom components and assemblies to many industry leading manufacturers today. The global manufacturing capabilities available to our customers can be broken into three categories:


Component Capabilities, from the smallest to the immense!
  • Typical Types
    • Round Wire Springs
    • Wireforms
    • Shaped Wire Springs
    • Flat Springs
    • Retaining Rings
    • Stampings
  • Typical Sizes
    • 0.001" – 5" / .02mm – 127mm Wire ø
    • 0.001" – 1" / .02mm – 25.4mm Thickness
    • 0.030" – 36" / 0.75mm - 900mm Overall ø

spring component manufacturing

At Associated Spring RAYMOND, we don’t shy away from either the micro or the massive sizes. Our engineered solutions are manufactured on a wide range of presses, coilers, forging and machining equipment types that allow for a broad range of standard and custom products.  To see our range of materials, please visit our Materials page.

Finishing Capabilities
  • Shot-Peening
  • Micro Finishing
  • Passivation
  • Plating (Zinc, Cad, Tin, Black Oxide, Mechanical & Electro methodologies, and more)
  • Painting (Dip & Spin, Geomet®, Dacromet®, Thermadep®, and more)
  • Coating (Teflon®, Temperature Indicating, Powder Coating, and more)

Our surface conditioning is some of the best available in the industry.

Assembly Capabilities
  • Typical Products
    • Gas Struts (Sometimes referred to as Gas Shocks, Gas Springs, or Gas Pistons)
    • Dampers
    • Mechanical Struts
    • Tie Rods / Link Arms
    • Brackets
  • Processes
    • Machining / Threading
    • Welding
    • Crimping
    • Fastening (Rivets, Forming, Threaded Fasteners)
    • Laser Engraving / Etching / Labeling
    • Gas Charging

Assembling operations inherit all the cutting edge manufacturing and finishing capabilities of Associated Spring RAYMOND.

Associated Spring RAYMOND makes no claim of ownership of finish trademarks; they belong to their respective owners. 

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