Industrial Valves


Valve manufacturers, among other industries, are constantly pressured to package higher performance into smaller spaces. Traditional spring solutions for valve sealing offer low displacement in relation to size, constraining designs. To add to the challenges, frequently cycled valves reach fatigue life failures of the same traditional solutions quickly because of the deflection requirements. When failures occur in valves installed in high altitude or deep water applications, the consequences and replacement costs are significant.

Clover spring

Associated Spring RAYMOND has engineered solutions that offer higher displacement and/or non-traditional force to deflection profiles, which allow for ideal valve packaging yet achieve the desired performance. Our technology, engineering knowledge, and product breadth offers solutions beyond any other single source. Solutions have been supplied in the highest performing exotic alloys for the most demanding corrosive and extreme temperature valve applications.

Associated Spring RAYMOND offers both standard products, which include Clover®Dome products, & custom solutions to solve functional requirements for applications. For more information contact us or complete our Integrated System Enquiry

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