Industrial Brakes & Clutches

CS Brake

Industrial brakes and clutches provide engagement forces for a variety of applications. Rigorous environments and safety critical applications put harsh demands on the mechanical energy storage medium. In service failures, ahead of preventative maintenance, put expensive equipment out of service, putting production at a halt. Whether the failure is because of springs taking a set, fatigue material failures, or corrosion, it adds to warranty costs. Assembly operations of these devices are also complicated, often requiring individualized shims for each spring to balance the un-reliable loads.

DIE Springs

Raymond® die springs and SPEC® disc springs offer high density energy storage solutions made from the highest quality materials and to the highest specifications for critical applications. Whether on an elevator brake or a ship drive clutch, our spring technology offers the performance, lot to lot repeatability, and quality to make your packages easy to assemble & work time after time. Associated Spring RAYMOND has engineered solutions for a variety of spring set brakes and clutches. High performance coatings and alternative materials for harsh environments go beyond traditional products and are only part of the solutions we provide.

Associated Spring RAYMOND offers both standard products & custom solutions to solve functional requirements for applications. For more information, contact us or complete our Integrated System Enquiry

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