Heavy Duty Truck

Associated Spring RAYMOND serves the broad Heavy Duty Truck manufacturers,is a member of multiple related trade groups and work associations. We provide parts directly to OEMs for production as well as aftermarket applications. Large, vibration tolerant, debris and corrosion-resistant solutions are developed and serviced through our standard product offering and our custom engineered & manufactured solutions.

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Vehicles using m-Struts®

Our m-Struts®are utilized in many of the hood and access panel counter-balance applications on vehicles both on-road and off-road, examples include:

  • Semi-tractor trailers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Many other equipment types/vehicles

Associated Spring RAYMOND’s engineered solutions provide robust, vehicle life longevity in some of the harshest and coldest / warmest environments. The core technology employed solves industry problems like low-temperature compatibility and vibration difficulties with hydraulic orifices. As safety and operational allowances become more stringent we have been able to provide solutions that keep handling loads conforming to new requirements. Where 100lbs of effort to open a hood or panel was previously acceptable, new requirements of 30lbs or even as little as 15lbs might be required. Let us provide a solution for whatever your application requires.

Interior Vehicle Safety

Associated Spring RAYMOND n-Struts® (both gas struts and dampers) make up cab interior ergonomic and safety support and locking for folding and rotating elements. SPD engineered hardware, like hinges and latches, complete the components other than stamped sheet metal in lots of applications. As an example, the improvement of ergonomics in an articulating shelf can be achieved to improve conditions for operators in extended usage.

The material and finishing capabilities allow for multiple solutions, such as high-performance stainless steel or a cost-effective coated steel. Whether you need one strut to test and develop or thousands for your OEM production, consider Associated Spring RAYMOND.

To learn more about strut and other capabilities, see our Services section. 

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