Gas Struts


SPD n-Struts® gas struts (or gas springs) by Associated Spring RAYMOND are engineered to deliver optimal performance in a variety of applications & environments. Gas struts (sometimes called “gas springs” or “gas shocks”) offer compressed nitrogen to provide the force and a hydraulic circuit to provide the dampening (removes the “snap effect”).

Our standard n-Struts® are offered in coated steel, stainless steel (316SS included), and locking types. If your OEM or aftermarket application requires something not available in standard parts, our engineers can help design, manufacture, & stock a custom solution. See our Services section for additional information.

  • Standard Gas Struts (N & S series)
  • Standard Adjustable Pressure Gas Struts (VariForce™)
  • Standard Welded End Gas Struts (W series)
  • Traction Gas Struts (T series) Operates in reverse, or pulls: “Traction Mode”

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