Clover®Dome Spring Washers

Clover®Dome Spring Washers
Clover®Dome Spring Washers Diagram of Clover®Dome Spring Washers

Clover®Dome springs bring increased travel to disc springs. Traditional Bellevilles and DIN 2093 Disc springs offer very limited travel, but thanks to the Clover®Dome geometry, this series is able to accommodate more deflection in your application. Parts are offered in Stainless Steel 17-7PH per AMS5529 for increased corrosion protection and durability. The set has been removed during the manufacturing process & parts have a plain finish.

Our Engineered Solution Services can provide unique designed Clover®Dome solutions for additional loading profiles & material types. See our Industrial Valve case study for an example of the solutions available.  US Patent #6,705,813 and International Patents Pending. For help with industry terminology, see our FAQ.

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