Three Benefits of Buying with the Catalog Selector Tool(s)

EVESHAM, England — Associated Spring RAYMOND offers many tools to help customers find the right part for their application. One of these is the Catalogue Selector Tools, free and easy-to-use products that allow users to search for Gas Struts, Compression, Extension, and Torsion Springs online by filling in certain criteria to taper down the product offering.   

Through the tool, users can quickly and easily purchase the exact products they need without having to thumb through Associated Spring RAYMOND's extensive catalogues of products. The tool is ideal for those looking to purchase but do not know what part they need, those looking for a new vendor for springs and struts, and those looking to get a formal quote before purchasing.   

One of the many features of the Catalogue Selector Tool is the load at length calculator. It narrows down the expansive list of springs available through AS RAYMOND's catalogues. By specifying the critical length of the application and the desired force at that length, the system will sort through the entire compression range and list only the parts that fit those criteria. Results can be further narrowed by adding additional filters, leaving only the best-fit products for the application.    

Users can add one or more of the products to the cart and purchase them for prototyping or the finished product.   

Brand comparison serves users by finding the AS RAYMOND equivalent to a competitor's product. Search another companies' product number and allow the Catalogue Selector Tool to find an AS RAYMOND product that can replace it. It is important to note that the new part is selected based on the performance and dimensions of the spring only. 

Users can add products to the cart directly from the tool and purchase through the webshop.   

Whether all or some of the features of the Catalogue Selector Tool are used, if the customer needs to submit a Purchase Order, products selected using the tool can be forwarded to the Quick-Quote Tool. A formal quote will immediately be sent to the user's email and available to download from the website.  

The quote can be saved to the cart for purchase later once approval has been obtained. Once that happens, users can log into their webshop accounts, select 'My Cart' and then select the gear icon. This will display the list of saved carts. Select the saved cart to purchase and click 'Load.'  

Using the Catalogue Selector Tool from AS RAYMOND is a simple and easy way to buy online. There is no need to sort through the large product offering, and users can cut out the middleman when using the selector tool while still having peace of mind that their parts are coming from a trusted source.   

Try out the Catalogue Selector Tool today!

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