Belleville Washers

Belleville Washers
Belleville Washers Diagram of Belleville Washers

SPEC® Belleville washers, or Belleville springs, are disc springs aligned with Imperial units. If you are seeking a disc spring driven by metric or DIN consider Associated Spring RAYMOND DIN 2093 Disc Springs. Belleville washers offer a high load in a small package. If you are looking for a part with increased travel but similar loads, you may consider a Clover®Dome.

Like other SPEC® stocked products, these are ready to ship from our global distribution system. Parts are offered in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel for different corrosion requirements. All parts have had the set removed during manufacturing.  Applications with AQL requirements should contact ASR Engineering. For terminology help, please see our FAQ. If you cannot find a part to meet your application’s requirements, please consider our Engineered Solution Services.

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