Welcome to our website, now with CAD files! You can choose from over 70,000 parts including; Compression SpringsExtension SpringsTorsion Springs, Gas Struts, Mechanical Struts (m-Struts), End Fittings, Belleville Washers, Wave Spring Washers, Multiwave Compression Springs  and many more. All our products are designed and produced to the highest standards available. In addition to our stock items, we also provide a bespoke engineering service using innovative systems that combine catalogue components and custom products.

This website has a unique and invaluable selection tool - an innovative ‘slide and select’ feature that enables the customer to choose the parameters, dimensions, tolerances etc for a particular item. Our system will then automatically fine tune the product selection to one that most closely matches the specification and/or performance criteria required. Once the products are chosen, buying online is flexible, fast and secure.